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Veriuni Advanced Liquid Nutrition
32 oz. bottle — 30 day supply

Our Advanced Liquid Nutrition is an incredible, all-natural liquid supplement containing nearly every daily nutrient required for robust health -- all in a single, concentrated, easy-to-swallow, delicious, peach-flavored, one-ounce dose. In all, more than 127 nutrients, 77 plant-derived minerals, and 13 vitamins, plus 12 herbs and 18 amino acids.

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Why take a liquid nutrition?

One word--ABSORPTION!!!

The nutrients in Veriuni's Advanced Liquid Nutrition are up to 98% absorbable. This is a large difference when compared to capsules or hard compressed "horse pills" that can have an absorption rate as little as 5-10%. Not only are those pills hard to swallow and so often give that unfavorable vitamin aftertaste, they aren't nearly as effective as a liquid. Why waste money when all you really need is Veriuni Liquid Nutrition? It is as easy as one ounce per day!

"I have been using the VERIUNI nutritional products for about three weeks now and have noticed a considerable improvement in my energy level."

- C. Ellithorpe

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Advanced Liquid Nutrition is a truly unique dietary supplement because one ounce contains nearly every daily nutrient required for protracted health. Read the label carefully! 77 plant derived minerals, 13 vitamins, 18 amino acids, 12 herb and 7 other nutrients are incorporated in this great tasting product.

NOTE: Plant derived minerals should not be confused with metallic minerals which come from clay, ground up rocks and soil, sea water, or the Great Salt Lake.

So if you're someone that dreads taking capsules or tablets for your daily nutritional supplement, Veriuni Liquid Nutrition is the answer. The nutrients in Veriuni Liquid Nutrition come from natural sources, such as the plant derived colloidal minerals. They are easily recognized by the body and are absorbed at their maximum capacity.

Customer Feedback

"My VERIUNI Advanced Liquid Nutrition just arrived... That stuff is GREAT! We were without it for a few days and that rapidly becomes intolerable...If you aren't taking this excellent nutritional supplement, I highly recommend it to you. The taste, ingredients, and delivery system are the best I've ever seen. When you try it, you'll feel the difference like we do!"
- E. Roeser

"I received the VERIUNI Advanced Liquid Multivitamin about four days ago. My blood pressure was sky high. I've been taking a one-ounce dose three time a day, and my blood pressure is normal now. I had been so light-headed. Now, I am so full of energy. GOD BLESS SFI. "
- L. Drape

"I recently started taking the VERIUNI Advanced Liquid Nutrition. I was previously taking a competitor's liquid supplement and thought that I was feeling the best that I could. Boy, was I wrong! Within less than an hour after taking the VERIUNI Advanced Liquid Nutrition, I was feeling more energetic. And each day that I take it, I am aware of an increased level of alertness and energy!!! Thanks for bringing this incredible product to the market."
- K. Stieneke

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